BM604 is a series of powder coated drawer slides suitable for furniture used both at home and in offices.

    Length:200-600mm, surface finish: white zinc, black zinc and colored zinc.

    Galvanized concealed drawer slide requires no further spray painting process.

    Hinges are vital to the proper functioning of furniture and doors. We provide cabinet hinges in a number of configurations, including slide-on hinges, standard clip-on hinges, eccentric-screw hydraulic hinges, clip-on hydraulic hinges and fixed type hydraulic hinges.

    Shelves are made of cold-rolled plates, 192.5cm long by 60cm wide by 180cm high.

    TV wall brackets are made of premium quality, high-strength cold-rolled plates that have been through precision casting and corrosion resistance treatments.

    Available in grid, white plastic, glass fiber, and glass bead designs, the projector screen offer two length to width ratios: 4:3 and 16:9. Screen sizes are somewhere between 86 cun-150 cun. Ultra-silent to operate. Motorized or manually operated.

    An industrial vertical farm forgoes heavy soil and natural sunlight for nutrient-rich water and LED grow lights delivering wavelengths and nutrients adapted to plant growth.

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