In order to guarantee high quality powder-coated drawer slides, we have implemented an automatic production line that uses multiple stamping machines with an optional capacity of 2000KN or 4000KN and a machining accuracy of up to 0.02mm.

The ball-bearing drawer slides are produced using 2 fully automatic stamping machines and 20 rolling machines imported from Taiwan.

The concealed drawer runner is treated by a state-of-the-art rolling machine. We have 5 such machines in our workshop. The sheet metal is required to undergo 14 precise machining operations for quality control.

We have the capability of processing various sizes of hinges with 26 fully automatic stamping machinesin our workshop.

To ensure long product lifespan of the shelves and glass TV stands, we have developed an innovative glass tempering line from Italy-based SOUTH TECH that can handle up to 145 square meters per hour.

Our TV wall brackets are produced by 6 stamping presses and 24 CNC machining centers to ensure extremely high production efficiency. In our product testing room, we apply a wide variety of test equipment to guarantee high quality of our products.

Before being packaged, all our projector screens are strictly tested in order to prevent any spotted or damaged product from entering the market. Then, they are tightly packaged and wrapped with a layer of thermoplastic film for protection against moisture.

The hydroponic system is classified as industrial and household types. The industrial hydroponic system uses LEDs instead of sunlight. It allows nutrient solutions to be proportioned and mixed according to different vegetables.

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