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Our manufacturing complex, which spans almost 100000m2, includes many metal processing operations. To achieve a smooth flowing production process, these operations are subdivided into large stamping workshop, rolling workshop, die casting workshop, forging workshop, welding workshop, pipe workshop, CNC precision machining workshop, spraying workshop, injection molding workshop, glass tempering lines and the test center etc. This organization allows us to produce products quickly and efficiently cutting down costs and delivering products to customers more quickly.

We have been awarded registered trademarks including: DB, TWM and DRM. These are our most proud accomplishments because they prove the reliability and high quality of our products.

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Guangdong Dongrong Metal Products Co., Ltd.
Add.: Leliu Integrated Industrial Zone, Leliu Town, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China
Zip Code: 528322
Website: www.drmhardware.com